Pet Wellness Plans in Bellevue

You cannot predict every medical issue your pet might face, but prevention and early detection can go a long way towards keeping your pet happy and healthy. This is why pet wellness plans should be a regular part of your pet's care. At Bellevue Value Pet Clinic, we recommend that pets be brought in annually for a thorough physical examination.

During these appointments your veterinarian will examine your pet from nose to tail, and discuss any treatments or preventative measures that may be needed. Schedule an appointment today!

pet wellness plans in bellevue, wa

What Is Included in Pet Wellness Plans?

Our pet wellness plans include a comprehensive physical check-up, diagnostics, and a review of needed vaccinations. One of our veterinarians will thoroughly examine your pet for any lumps, bumps, heart or breathing issues, hotspots, and parasites. Additionally, these exams include:

  • Temperature check and weigh-in
  • Review of pet's medical history
  • Eye and ear exam
  • Oral exam
  • Fecal test
  • Blood tests (for senior patients, or pets with known medical issues)
  • Review of vaccine needs
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Additional Wellness Care Services

During the examination, your veterinarian will discuss any potential problems and recommended treatments with you. Furthermore, pet exams are a great opportunity to administer vaccines and parasite preventatives. This is also a good time to ask any questions you may have about your pet's behavior, diet, travel arrangements, or planned changes to their environment.

If we discover any problems requiring further analysis or follow-up treatment, we can run diagnostics and schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary.

Every Pet is Unique

We do not believe in cookie cutter medicine. All of our preventative and medical services are personalized according to you and your pet's individual needs. We accomplish this by:

Listening. It is important for us to learn about your specific circumstances, environment, lifestyle and concerns.

Being flexible. We want to do what is best for you and your pet. Our veterinarians will customize the care your pet receives according to their condition and your specific situation.

Providing exceptional care. Our highest priority is to always deliver exceptional care for your pet's well-being.