Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Bellevue, WA

Cat and dog teeth cleaning is an important part of your pet’s overall health. Dental disease is one of the most common conditions affecting our pets, and many cats and dogs will have significant plaque buildup on their teeth by three years old or younger.

This buildup can lead to dental disease, which may cause serious health problems including severe pain, loss of bone around teeth, tooth mobility, and surrounding gum tissue infection. Furthermore, if bacteria secreted under the gum line enters the bloodstream, it can infect the heart, liver and/or kidneys.

At Bellevue Value Pet Clinic in Bellevue, WA, we’re passionate about your pet’s oral health. Our team will do everything possible to provide affordable cat and dog teeth cleaning services to ensure that every pet receives comprehensive oral care.

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Our 8-Step Pet Dental Care Process

Exam and Assessment: We will conduct a full health exam and assess your pet’s overall condition. Your veterinarian will discuss the risks and benefits of a dental procedure, and help you decide on how to proceed.

Safety: Pet safety is our highest priority at Bellevue Value Pet Clinic. Most pets will require a blood test to evaluate their health and alert us to any potential anesthetic risks. All pets undergoing dental procedures receive IV fluids and will be monitored closely for blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and rhythm, pO2 saturation and breathing.

Your pet will have a dedicated technician monitoring their vitals at all times. We also use warming blankets during every procedure to maintain temperature and keep patients comfortable.

Oral X-rays: Since most dental disease occurs below the gum line and cannot be detected with a visual exam, complete oral X-rays are performed for all dentals. Dental radiographs are necessary in order to discover and address all oral disease that may be occurring.

Evaluation and Treatment: Each tooth is probed at multiple locations and the mouth is examined for any abnormal growths. Your pet’s X-rays will be evaluated, and we will call you to go over our findings, suggest recommendations and estimate costs.

Cleaning: We will clean your pet’s teeth above and below the gum line for complete removal of plaque and tartar buildup. All teeth will be polished and charted.

Extractions: Extracting teeth is a surgical procedure, so if extractions are needed, care will be taken every step of the way to keep your pet safe and comfortable. This includes local and general pain control.

Client Discussion: When you arrive for pick up, we will discuss the procedure and go over your pet's X-rays and dental chart. We will give you home care instructions and a treatment plan to ensure that your pet heals comfortably.

Strategy for Preventing Further Disease: Routine home care is essential for keeping your pet’s mouth healthy. Brushing teeth is the most effective treatment you can provide at home. We understand that this may not be tolerated, and can suggest alternatives that will help delay or prevent dental disease.

Additionally, we offer non-anesthetic teeth cleanings for appropriate cases. These are not meant to replace anesthetic cleanings and X-rays, but they are an effective follow-up treatment after anesthetic cleanings to reduce calculus buildup.

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Getting Started with Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning

Every pet deserves a clean, healthy, pain-free mouth. Regular cat and dog teeth cleaning can increase your pet's longevity and improve their quality of life. We want to work with you to provide the treatments your pet requires at an affordable price. To get started, call us today at (425) 644-7002.