Diagnostics and Internal Medicine

A physical exam only gives us a partial picture of your pet's overall health. For a detailed assessment, we utilize our diagnostics capabilities when it comes to pet exams. Bellevue Value Pet Clinic offers cutting-edge, reliable tools to help solve medical problems and fully evaluate each patient's health status, whether your pet is perfectly healthy or experiencing an ongoing illness with no easily-identifiable cause.

In addition to diagnosing complex medical conditions, we can also use diagnostics to support your pet's preventative care. With routine blood screening and/or radiographs, we can detect problems in their early stages and treat them quickly.

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Our Services

Depending on your pet's current health and what our doctors may be looking for, they may benefit from one or more of the following services:

Digital X-ray: Using minimal radiation, our digital X-ray equipment allows our doctors to obtain clear, detailed images of your pet's bones, joints and chest cavity. Digital X-ray has many advantages over traditional X-ray, including greater efficiency and safety. A shorter time frame for X-ray procedures also means less stress for your pet. Furthermore, we can partner with a network of board-certified radiologists to review images and send back results in as little as 30 minutes.

Ultrasound: X-rays are ideal for detecting bone fractures, inflamed joints, foreign bodies and bladder stones. With ultrasound, we use soundwaves instead of radiation to visualize internal structures. Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound for your pet if they suspect potential liver problems or signs of internal bleeding. Ultrasounds can also reveal abdominal fluid, cysts and tumors, pregnancies and more. We utilize experienced radiologists to perform ultrasounds as needed in our hospital.

In-House Laboratory: In addition to imaging, we can also enlist the services of our diagnostic laboratory suite. Our full in-house lab allows us to perform various blood tests including:

  • T4 (thyroid checks)
  • CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry
  • Full blood chemistry panels
  • Urinalysis

Furthermore, our team can analyze urine and fecal samples and send specimens out to referral labs for more specialized testing, such as pancreatic or lipase checks. Cytology and biopsy samples are also sent out.


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